325 Day

An ambassador is a chosen group of individuals who help promote 325 Day through online or in-person activities. For example: Ambassadors can assist in raising awareness about 325 Day by distributing promotional materials, enabling more residents in the 325 area to learn about and take part in the festivities!

ACU Athletics

College athletics inspires and unites fans for a common cause. Just like 325 Day does for the Big Country, reminding us to honor what makes this community great. We're pleased to participate and celebrate this special day with our neighbors.

Go Wildcats!

Abilene Teachers FCU

Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union

In 2021, we kicked off the 325 Day initiative to help out local businesses and bring our community together during tough times. It went so well that we thought, why not make it a yearly thing? We're all about supporting each other and giving back! We're big fans of the 325 and want to see it thrive. So, at ATFCU, we'll keep shouting out 325 Day, to celebrate the great things our part of the world has to offer!

DesignWorks Group

We are passionate about 325 Day and more importantly the community it represents! This day helps support local businesses and gives back to the community as a whole. We are excited to participate in any activities that show love and support to the 325!

Jennifer Martinez

Plugged Marketing Consulting

I love 325 Day because it gives everyone an opportunity to see, touch, feel, and experience so many wonderful local businesses in the Big Country!

The Winery at Willow Creek

We are honored to call Abilene home, and on 325 Day, we stand proud to celebrate our city's spirit. As a token of gratitude to our cherished customers, we eagerly join in, ready to contribute our part in commemorating this special occasion.